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The Easter Egg 🥚: Did you spot it ?

  The Easter Egg 🥚: Did you spot it ?  Touch Paradise XXX: ⏪ Rewind Demo by Touch Paradise XXX The last development log briefly divulged into version 1.0 of the Touch Paradise XXX: ⏪  Rewind game, which will be the full version of the demo.  If you haven't already done so, you can read about it here. In that development log, there was a short video that briefly showed off the new design for the ' score card ', as well as the design considerations that are going into upgrading it from what has already been seen in the  Touch Paradise XXX: ⏪  Rewind demo . There was also something else shown in that video. Something that wasn't elaborated upon (see image below): Focus on the left circle...Yes, there is a ranking system 📈 Dear readers, your eyes do not deceive you. Gamers will have a ' RANK ' that will be dependent upon their performance through the levels. In other words, this is a points based ranking system . This ranking system will be present in: -  Touch

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